Weekly Leaderboard – October 21, 2022

By Jenny
October 21, 2022
1 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present you the leaderboard of the first week of the new Ski Challenge:

        1. EagleRider 01:48:258
        2. lego 01:48:388
        3. amche 01:48:683
        4. dax23 01:48:726
        5. NRWoperator 01:48:872
        6. dsbremcke 01:48:976
        7. Luigi001 01:49:061
        8. Skier AD3F 01:49:497
        9. Sascha 01:49:523
        10. schusi 01:49:541

        1. lego 02:27:015
        2. EagleRider 02:27:060
        3. MavRider 02:29:749
        4. Jonas Mayer 02:30:150
        5. tangz989 02:30:265
        6. Bueno5 02:30:300
        7. Valli 02:30:364
        8. Diegocuche 02:30:460
        9. Bovas88 02:30:534
        10. Carvemiaw 02:30:831

        1. lego 01:58:322
        2. EagleRider 01:58:389
        3. Skier AD3F 01:59:492
        4. Luigi001 01:59:798
        5. MavRider 01:59:971
        6. oma 02:00:041
        7. Fitzlebutz 02:00:054
        8. Nibiru 02:00:545
        9. Bluespolo 02:00:636
        10. Ben O'Body 02:01:222

        1. EagleRider 02:02:498
        2. Dratsaps 02:02:521
        3. fighter1908 02:02:689
        4. lego 02:02:776
        5. Big-fabs 02:02:781
        6. Kulturbanause 02:02:792
        7. Pepikum20 02:02:802
        8. Billy_The_Kid 02:02:853
        9. apfy 02:02:937
        10. Cuchaule 02:03:146

We will keep you guys posted every Friday with the weekly leaderboard!

Keep grinding! ☃

Hi Jenny! Is there a chance to play SC in the future on PC?
Kind regards, CoachG
Wird es in Zukunft auch Rennwochenenden für die aktuellen Strecken geben wie früher oder bleibt es beim Zeitfahren und demselben Leaderboard über die ganze Saison?
Hi, very nice game!
I was wondering if there will be other maps, like the olds Bormio and Valdisere for example.
Also would like to know if the game will be the same of the pc version (with weather options, qualifications etc.)
Thank you 🙂
Hi Claudio, thank you for your input 🙂
We can assure you guys that the team is currently working on so many updates and of course we will add more tracks bit by bit!
When can we add some friends on the game ?
Hi KP 🙂
The friendlist feature will be added next year but until the beginning of december, you will be able to race 1 vs 1 against your friends! 😮
I ran a time of 2:29:869 in Wengen, so it looks like I should be on the leaderboard…? Is there an error in the leaderboard times by any chance? It jumps from 2:27 to 2:29 🤔
Hi, I updated the leaderboard today because there was indeed an error in it and I saw that yo are on the board now 🙂
Rems Stein
Hi Jenny,
Is it planned to have access to friends times and/or to have the possibility to create groups ?
Hi 🙂 Yes, the live leaderboard will be implemented to the game by the end of the year. Until this update happens, we will post the weekly leaderboard on here every Friday 🙂
Cheers, Jenny.
Is it planned to have a live leaderboard. It would make sense.
Hi 🙂 Yes, the live leaderboard will be implemented to the game by the end of the year. Until this update happens, we will post the weekly leaderboard on here every Friday 🙂
Cheers, Jenny.
Detlef Kappis
Warum ist die wöchentliche Bestenliste nicht mit der in der App bei den verschiedenen Orten identisch?
Gruß Dedi51
Hi 🙂 Derzeit ist der Leaderboard in der App nicht online! Man sieht derzeit nur eigene Bestzeiten und die der Developer 😉
Das live leaderboard kommt aber mit dem Update Ende des Jahres, bis dahin, posten wir jeden Freitag hier im BLOG der wöchentliche Leaderboard 🙂
LG, Jenny
I have been number 1 for Zermatt for over a week, why the ranking is completely different that showing in the app???
Hi 🙂 Currently the leaderboard in the app is not online, that means it only shows your besttimes and the ones of the developers.
The online leaderboard will be added by the end of the year, until then, we will post a weekly leaderboard on here every friday!
Best, Jenny 🙂
Why the ranking is completely different from the app ranking???
I have been 1st in the app for 2 weeks and still are but here no!!
Bravo, really good that some people are so fast, i tried it 1000 times and there is no chace to get faster. I tried other lines played with the ski, there is no part of a second that i could find, and now i will see someones are able to be faster about 5-6 seconds. Thats frustrating on a new game for all of us. I think i am to slow, and i will leave the challange, have a good time, bye bye!!
Hi Hans, bummer to read that the fast times of the other players frustrate you. I would love to see that it motivates you. Games that are tricky to figure out make the competition more interesting, maybe some of the players can give you tips and tricks on how to go faster 🙂
Keep up the grind and never give up!
It’s a challenge 🙂
Best, Jenny

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