St. Moritz, our newest Ski Challenge addition, has been with us for two weeks, but it is proving to be quite a challenge. With its small jumps, sharp turns, and high speed areas, even the Ski World Cup Athletes are finding it hard to conquer.

To help our players out, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks from our fastest racers to help them tackle this tricky map.

General Track Overview

St. Moritz has many gliding passages and few technical challenges, so you won’t need any fancy tricks to get around the track. However, you will be confronted with high speeds, so you must have excellent control of your craft. Maintain a steady pace and plan ahead to make the most of the long curves. The double curve after the fourth intermediate time checkpoint is the key spot to look out for.

Ski Settings

Recommended for St. Moritz are the following Ski Settings:

Carve between 16-18
Grip between 34-38
Speed between 44-50


To get the best time on this track, begin by steering as little as possible up to the 2nd intermediate time checkpoint.
Jump as short as you can here so that your approach to the right and following left curves at a good angle – otherwise you may be carried too far down the left side. After this jump, approach the gate higher than usual in order to reduce speed for the next gate and carry more speed into it.
Four or five gates later there is a blind gate; if you turn right too late here, it will be difficult to hit subsequent gates with enough speed. At the 3rd intermediate timestamp, there is a steep slope: Approach both curves centrally in order to maximize your speed going into them.
The toughest part of the course comes after the 4th intermediate time checkpoint: At the long right turn – stay narrow in order to have an adequate angle for the tight left-right combination ahead. To navigate this section safely, lunge from far right for one turn then tap brake button; lunge from far left for second then tap brake again.
This is where most of your time can be gained or lost!

Special thanks to Dratsaps, lego and EagleRider for their help and tips! ♡
Now it’s your turn, please share your thoughts on St. Moritz and let us know if these tips have been beneficial to your performance!