The Streif in Kitzbühel is well-known not only as the most raced track in the game, but also for being one of the most challenging downhill ski races worldwide. With its steep gradient, tight turns, and jumps that push even the most skilled skiers to their limits, it has gained quite a reputation.
We have compiled some useful tips and tricks to help you conquer this track, improve your time, and jump right to the top of the leaderboard.

General Track Overview

Thanks to its steep gradients, tight turns, and challenging jumps, Kitzbühel is widely regarded as one of the most difficult tracks in the game. The sharp drop at the “Mausefalle” right at the beginning, followed by a sharp U-turn, makes it a true test of skill for every player.

Ski Settings

Recommended for Kitzbühel are the following Ski Settings:
Carve between 14-20
Grip beween 26-35
Speed at about 60
With more carving and more grip, you can easily navigate through the narrow sections, but you will lose a lot on the gliding sections.


On the first big jump, the Mausefalle, aim to land with a speed of 123-125km/h and keep to the right side of the track.
Immediately after, there is a sharp U-turn. To tackle this turn, approach it from the outside and take a long press on the brake button to get a good angle for the next left turn. Tap the brake button briefly when taking the left turn.
On the long right turn, keep to the center-left to maintain speed and avoid taking off on the wave.
On the long gliding section, minimize your turns and aim to reach 116-117km/h briefly.
On the next jump, stay to the right side of the track and land at around 96km/h. For the following jump, stay in the center to reach a speed of 125-127km/h at the right gate.
For the long left turn, approach it from the outside and keep to the right side of the blue line to avoid the hill.
On the Lärchenschuss, take a wide approach and tap the brake button if necessary. This can be done while crouching.
On the Hausberg section, aim to take the turn as tightly as possible. On the Hausbergkante, hug the edge and hop slightly to the right to achieve the correct angle for the left gate.
Before the final gate, briefly tap the brake button and land between the middle and blue line to avoid further impact.
On the traverse exit, jump to the far right side of the track.
Finally, before the finish jump, aim to reach a speed of 159-160km/h and keep to the right side of the track.

Special thanks to Dratsaps for his help, tips and this video! ♡

Now it’s your turn, please share your thoughts on Kitzbühel and let us know if these tips have been beneficial to your performance!