We’ve made some major changes to the competitive ranking system in the 1.7 update. It’s now a two-part system that includes the ELO rating system and some Ski Challenge-specific add-ons to make it even better.

ELO rating details:

It’s a way to calculate the relative skill levels of players in two-player games. Each player gets a numerical rating based on their performance, which is then used to predict the outcome of future games. The system also takes into account the strength of the opponents, so your rating adjusts after each game. This creates a self-correcting system where the better you play, the higher your rating goes.
SP points calculations are also different now, depending on your division.
Each division gives you extra points for winning a race, but as you climb the ranks, the division points get smaller. Check out the breakdown:
• Qualifier Bonus Points: +30
• Bronze Bonus Points: +30
• Silver Bonus Points: +20
• Gold Bonus Points: +10
And we didn’t forget about bonuses for your performance! You can still earn extra points for consecutive wins, big time differences, and races with no missed gates.
• Bonus Points for consecutive wins: +5
• For a win with 5+ sec difference: +10
• Bonus Point for No missed gate: +1