Gamskogel in Zauchensee is a thrilling ski track that presents its own unique challenges. To help you navigate this course successfully and improve your performance, we’ve compiled a set of useful tips and tricks. Follow these guidelines to conquer the Gamskogel track and achieve your best time.

General Track Overview

Gamskogel in Zauchensee offers an exciting and demanding skiing experience. It features various sections that require precise maneuvers and strategic use of ski settings. Mastering the track will test your skills and agility.

Ski Settings

To optimize your performance on the Gamskogel track, we recommend the following ski settings:
Carve between 20-25
Grip beween 20-30
Speed at about 50-60


Start: In the first 20 seconds, assume a squat position close to the gates to gain a better initial momentum. This will allow you to accelerate quickly and maintain control as you enter the track.
Zauchensee Archway: As you approach the Zauchensee archway, shift slightly to the right to brake before the jump. This will provide you with a good angle to tackle the upcoming left turn after the jump.
Right Turn Correction: During the right turn, use the brake button briefly to make slight adjustments to your line. This will help you maintain an optimal trajectory and prevent veering off course.
30-55 seconds: Crouch close to the gates during this segment to maintain stability and precision. Keep your focus on following the correct racing line.
Big Jump: Approaching the big jump, stay towards the right side of the track. When taking off, make a slight movement towards the left to ensure you land on the desired path. This will help you avoid getting stuck in deep snow on the left or missing the subsequent left turn.
1:10-minute mark: Once again, crouch close to the gates to maintain control and stability. This will prepare you for the final section of the track.
Approaching the Right-hand Bend: As you approach the right-hand bend, position yourself towards the center-left of the track. When you reach the height of the gates, apply the brake button slightly longer. This will align your skis parallel to the blue line, ensuring you navigate the bumps on this section effectively.
Left-hand Bend: Keep to the left side of the track during the left-hand bend. Briefly tap the brake button to maintain control and adjust your trajectory.
Finish: Crouch close to the gates until you reach the finish line, maintaining your focus and maximizing speed as you cross it.
Remember to practice these tips and adjust your ski settings accordingly to find the best approach for your skiing style. With determination and skill, you can conquer the Gamskogel track in Zauchensee and achieve great results.