Season 7

Learn what’s new in Season 7 “Nations of Shred”

Represent and Conquer in “Nations of Shred”

Welcome to Season 7 “Nations of Shred” in Ski Challenge, where you can show your national pride with style and speed. This season is dedicated to the spirit of the Ski World Cup, celebrating famous skiers from participating countries.


Feel the rush of representing your nation, drawing inspiration from their techniques, interviews, and title victories. It’s more than just racing; it’s about embodying the pride and honor of your country on the slopes.

Stylish Gear for Every Skier

Gear up with our special Speed Record Skiing Outfit, designed for those who live for the thrill of the downhill.

For the snowboarders, the Shredder Snowboard Style Outfit lets you hit the mountains with a unique swagger.

For the ultimate Ski Challenge fan, the Custom Made Outfit embodies the essence of our brand, making you the epitome of a ski champion.

This season is where speed, style, and national pride come together for an unforgettable Ski Challenge experience!

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