Season 6

Learn what’s new in Season 6 “SOUTHERN SNOWDOWN”.

Gear Up with Local Flair

This season, we’re bringing the spirit of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to your gear. Dress in the colors of these proud football nations with our Trikot kits, designed to resonate with the local vibe.


The Gaucho Style Suit, complete with a poncho and matching hat, brings a touch of tradition, along with our Facon Blade Skis, adorned with distinctive floral engravings.

And for something truly legendary, don the Llama Llama Ding Dong suit, a vibrant tribute to the colorful essence of South America.

Embrace the thrill of Ski Challenge’s Southern Snowdown!

Southern Hemisphere Ski Safari

Welcome to Season 6 “Southern Snowdown” of Ski Challenge, where the Southern Hemisphere becomes your winter wonderland. As the Northern Hemisphere basks in summer, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile await with their snow-capped peaks and vibrant ski cultures. From the majestic Andes of Brazil to the bustling slopes of Chile and Argentina’s Patagonian wilderness, each destination offers a unique blend of excitement and scenic beauty.

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