Season 9

Learn what’s new in Season 9 “Ski USA”.

This is the All-American


We hope you are ready for some stars and stripes, as Ski Challenge proudly presents Season 9: Ski USA! [insert Eagle noise]
Get set to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of American culture, paying homage to ski legends like Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, Ted Ligety, and many more.

New Gear: Unleash Your American Spirit

  • The Star-Spangled Outfit:
    Drape yourself in the colors of freedom with our Stars and Stripes Collection to embody the true essence of Team USA. Let your gear reflect your pride as you race down the slopes with the spirit of the red, white,
    and blue.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll on the Slopes:
    Get ready to shake, rattle, and roll down the mountainside in our
    VIVA LAS VEGAS Suit! Channel your inner King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as you glide effortlessly through the snow with iconic flair.

  • The Eagle has landed: Unchain the power of the American spirit with our majestic BIRDIE helmet! Symbolizing strength, freedom, and the soaring heights of the mountains, this helmet is a tribute to the noble bald eagle.

Welcome to Beaver Creek!

Join us on the Birds of Prey track for a rollercoaster of elevation changes, where steep descents and sudden climbs make every run feel like a ski-themed amusement park ride!

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