Tournament Ruleset

General rulesets for tournaments in Ski Challenge

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on tournament rules for Ski Challenge! Here, we outline the essential regulations and requirements that shape your competitive experience.

Tournament Requirements

  • Item-Specific Tournaments

    : Certain competitions require players to possess specific in-game items to participate.

  • Nationality Filter: We now have tournaments exclusively for players from select nationalities, fostering a sense of community and competition among peers.
  • Limited Attempts: To level the playing field, some tournaments limit the number of attempts a player can make, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to set their best time.
  • Premium Ski Pass Holders: Owners of a Premium Ski Pass may find exclusive tournaments tailored just for them.
  • Newsletter Subscribers: Stay updated and gain eligibility for certain tournaments by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Ghost Race Option: Some tournaments allow you to race against the ghost of the current leader, complete with intermediate time checkpoints to gauge your progress.

Tournament Rules

There are two kinds of leaderboards:

  • The track leaderboard: Features each player’s best time and their position for a specific track. Top 30 times earn tournament points, displayed alongside your name and time.
  • The tournament leaderboard: Summarizes points earned across all tracks to determine the overall winner.

Points System: Mirroring the Ski World Cup’s points system, earn points based on your performance in each race.

Race Completion Requirements

  • Complete at least one race on each track to earn points for the track leaderboard.
  • Complete all races to be eligible for the overall ranking.
  • Don’t miss any gates, and ensure your time is recorded by finishing the race without disqualification.
  • Exiting the game mid-run or pausing and restarting counts as a new attempt.

Stay competitive, fair, and informed as you navigate through the exciting world of Ski Challenge tournaments!

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