Ski Challenge – Tournament Ruleset

Here you can find the general rulesets for tournaments in Ski Challenge.

Tournament Requirements

  • Item-specific: Participation in these tournaments will require owning one or several specific items.
  • Nationality filter: We now have the capability to organize tournaments exclusively for one or several nationalities.
  • Limited number of attempts: Moving forward, we can also impose a limit on the number of tries, ensuring players don’t have unlimited attempts to beat a best time.
  • Premium Ski Pass owners: Owning a premium ski pass can serve as one of the criteria for eligibility in certain tournaments.
  • Newsletter Subscibers: Subscribing to our newsletter can serve as one of the criteria for eligibility in certain tournaments.
  • Ghost Race: Some tournaments offer the option to select the ghost of the player currently in first place. If this option is enabled, you can also view the time difference between you and this player at the intermediate time checkpoints during the race.


Tournament Rules

  • There are two kinds of leaderboards: 
    • The track leaderboard: This features the best time of each player and their position on this track in this race. If your best time ranks among the top 30 in the track ranking, you will receive tournament points, which will be displayed next to your name and time.
    • The event leaderboard: This summarizes all the points players earned on each track and ultimately reveals the overall winner
  • The Points System is the same as used in the Ski World Cup.
  • You have to complete at least one race on each track to earn points for the track leaderboard
  • You have to complete all races to be included in the overall ranking
  • Don’t miss any gates
  • The overall winners and their scores will be revealed at the end of the tournament, as the scores can still change until the tournament concludes.
  • Your time will only be included in the track ranking when you cross the finish line (without missing gates).

Tournaments with limited attempts

  • Closing the game in the middle of a run counts as an attempt started.
  • Pausing and restarting during a run counts as a new attempt.